Reasons Why You Should Use Payroll Software in Pakistan

Peopleqlik #1 Payroll software in Pakistan It is the end of the month and employees look upon you as if they have done a lot of hard work. For a company holder, it is challenging for you to track every employee’s total working hours because errors in manual payroll assessment are scarily high. And if it is not done accurately it might demotivate your employees. Then it would be a great idea to use automated payroll software as it can benefit a company in numerous ways. 

Peopleqlik #1Payroll software in Pakistan

Reasons Why You Should Use Payroll Software in Pakistan

Reasons Why You Should Use Payroll Software in Pakistan

Here are the reasons that make you realize the importance of payroll software in your business. 

6 Reasons You Should Use Payroll Software

Here are 6 reasons why you need automated payroll software in Pakistan for your business. 

Error-free Calculation

When a person manually calculates the employee’s working hours and salary then there is a risk of errors in it. But if you use automated software that calculates employee’s working hours and salary then there would be fewer chances of errors and it saves the company’s money. 


Businesses spend a lot of time calculating the payrolls of their employees at the end of every month. This might create a hassle that leads towards endless discussion and again consumes a lot of your worthy time. Using payroll software will automatically do all these calculations and decrease the error rate along with saving countless hours of your time. 

Stay up-to-date

The main benefit of using payroll software in Pakistan is that it keeps you updated about the tax as you need to be aware of this crucial payroll factor. This also helps in keeping the records of employee’s medical wages. Keeping accurate information and paying employees with an agreement of law is necessary to maintain a successful business. 

Here are some of the taxes that you have to hold back from your employee’s paychecks. 

Income tax: it depends on the employee’s information that he will provide on the form. 

Social security tax: It will take 6.2% of employees’ gross pay. 

Medical: It comprises 1.45% of the employee’s gross pay. 

General Provident Fund: It is the little amount deducted from an employee’s salary and gets it back after retirement or resignation. 


It automates several tasks and eases your salary calculating process. With this method, you can also keep an eye on all the transactions taking place in your business. It allows you to enter your employee’s information and most of the software offers direct salary deposits and other advantages to the employee’s bank account. 

Here are the processes that you can automate through payroll software. 

Information collection: It is the most time taking a step in which you have to encode your employee’s information in the software by converting it into the right format. 

File transfer: After organizing your documents the next thing is to digitize your documents for convenient file transfer. This way you save your processing and validation time. 

Data validation: It checks the availability of your employees, working and paid hours, it also assists in salary increases and other tax deductions. 

Task management: It can automatically transfer the salary information to the HR and Accounts department so that they can cross-check the details. 


The software allows you to make changes and customize them according to your business. You can add a lot of data in a software report such as the number of sales, working hours, average pay, and other necessary data. 

Incredibly Secure

As payroll software deals with your sensitive data hence this software are made highly protective against your provided company’s information. Digitizing your data is more convenient than keeping it in files and doing paperwork. The payroll software has nothing to worry about as it has encryption and other access restrictions to limit people using your account. 

4 Types of Payroll Software

As a business holder, you have to look upon various factors, one of them is payrolls. Doing it manually is not a good idea as it consumes a lot of time and there is a high risk of error in it. 


Here are some types of payroll software so that you can choose one and save your time and revenue.

Internally managed

If you have a small company then a payroll system in Pakistan would be best for you. As you can do it yourself or you can hire a person to manage it. But he must have the basic knowledge of maintaining it and tax deductions. 

Professionally managed

If you are facing problems in managing the salaries of your employees and you want to make it perfect then go for the assistance of a professional CPA. But you must be mindful that these professionals will only help you in keeping the records of salaries and will not complete the transactions and recording process. 

Payroll system managers

Another easy and quick way is to hire payroll agencies and get their services. They will handle all the responsibilities regarding salaries including deductions, overtime, etc. These agencies also make sure that your employees’ data remain protected. 

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Software managed

Software managed payroll systems are gaining popularity as it has various benefits and it works efficiently. You do not need any other person for its assistance and this payroll management in Pakistan will calculate your employee’s working hours and salaries, deductions, and taxes without wasting your time and money. 

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