Touchless Face Attendance System in Pakistan- Quick Guide

PeopleQlik # 1 Face Attendance Software in Pakistan In the advancing age, biometric technologies like fingerprints and facial recognition are gaining popularity as they are a more precise way of securing building/office premises such as commercial areas, schools, airports, railway stations, residential buildings, etc. 

The 3D face attendance system in Pakistan along with intelligent CCTV cameras provided unmatched protection to your building or official places. Facial recognition technology fades away all the worries about security concerns in residential areas. It has the potential to protect buildings and official areas in major cities in Pakistan. 

Peopleqlik #1Face Attendance software in Pakistan’

Touchless Face Attendance System in Pakistan- Quick Guide

Touchless Face Attendance System in Pakistan- Quick Guide

Here are the top five building or officials areas where face attendance in enhancing the security. 

Office Sites/Buildings

At offices, face attendance helps to avoid various security threats like unauthorized visitor entry, office thefts, vandalism, and fraud. Although numerous office facilities issued ID card badges to their employees and temporary visitors. It also helps in securing your company but face attendance is on another level of security in Pakistan. If you have an efficient visitor system with face attendance in Pakistan then you have just boosted up your security through better access control, tracking employees, and visitors and automating security. Hence you made your surroundings secure without human involvement. 

Commercial Facilities

Any commercial area such as shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants can improve their security using face attendance systems in Pakistan. For instance, hotels have to do facial attendance of all of their staff so that no other person can breach the security or disturb your clients. This automatically protects the entry system where you do not need manual screening anymore. 

School Areas

The rising cases of violence in school premises have become heart mourning realities of today. It is better to secure kids who are the future of the country. For this face attendance system will be the best choice. As you do not need to mark attendance manually in every class. It will do it on its own. It will secure children’s privacy and won’t allow any unknown person to breach the school’s privacy and create violence in the school. 


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Passenger security is the foremost responsibility of the airport but keeping their staff safe and saving their time is also important. This biometric face attendance in Pakistan is an overwhelming choice to bring to airports. It helps in the quick boarding of passengers and brings an efficient boarding experience for passengers. Moreover, boarding facilities face attendance in Pakistan used in the following things as well. 

  • Enhanced international border checks
  • Identify fake passports of passengers
  • Stop suspected criminals terrorists, and fraudsters from moving out

Railway Stations

Railway stations in Pakistan need proper checks as there are various security and other risks there. But we can eliminate the security risk by introducing face attendance in Pakistan for railway stations. China has been on the top of the countries list that has installed facial recognitions or attendance systems on public transport areas to increase people’s security. It helps in tracking tickets and tracking suspected criminals, fraudsters, terrorists, or any other person who is a risk of creating violence. It also helps in pointing out a person without a ticket. It reduces the jobs of various persons. 

How Face Attendance in Pakistan Works?

We always remember people either by their names or by their faces. We recognize the shape of the face, nose, hair, eyes, etc. And if we see any person with similar features we always get confused. Similarly, every person in your office has his image. Let’s elaborate on how attendance works. 

Step1: Let’s begin with capturing your picture in it. It can either be a picture or a video you can be alone or in a crowd. But it should be clear and your face should be straight. 

Step2: Then the system reads the geometry of your face and then measures a difference between your eyes, distances of the forehead from the chin, similarly the system identifies 68 different features so that it can recognize every person precisely. 

Step3: then it compares your face to the database of other facial signatures. 

Step4: Your face determination is made and you are added to the face attendance system for further use. It makes it easy for you to enter your office. 

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