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Look over the applications, choosing the right candidates to interview, arranging test and electing candidates to make the hiring decision these all are the process of Recruitment or hiring an employee. During the recruitment process, a HR manager will use the following steps to determine the best possible fit for the job:

Identify Vacancy and Evaluate Need:

HR Managers provide opportunities to departments to line up the staff skills to achieve company’s goal, it is also helpful for departmental and individual growth. Proper planning and evaluation of the need will lead to hiring the suitable person for the role and team.

Develop Position Description:

Describing a position to the employees is the core of an effective recruitment process. Recruitment Management Software in pakistan helps the HR recruiters to make interview questions, interview evaluations and reference check questions.

Develop Recruitment Plan:

HR Recruitment Managers manage the employment process from screening resumes to setting up interviews to processing new employees. HR Software in pakistan helps the HR recruiters to regulate and decide the most effective approaches for recruiting candidates, include assessing that which applicant tracking system is best suited for the organization’s needs.


Human Resource specialists are responsible to upshot good hiring decisions, according to the needs of an organization’s workforce. Those Managers who aren’t aware with HR or standard hiring procedures they provide guidance to them to make sure that the company extends offers to the right and suitable candidates.

Conduct Interview:

Interview is the particular step in the selection process. It is the opportunity for the employer and forthcoming employee to learn more about each other and authenticate information provided by both. When they follow these interview strategies they would certify to conduct a systematic interview process and have all necessary data to properly evaluate skills and abilities.

Wrap up or Conclude Recruitment:

On completion of the recruitment process the offer to the selected finalist is made with HRMS Software in pakistan. Through this Software Recruiters can Review the duties and responsibilities of the position and selection criteria used to ensure based on the qualifications listed for the position.


Alrasmyat’s Recruitment Management Software in pakistan has taken the frustration out of recruiting staff. It can reduces the burden of paperwork, screening one by one CV and make the process of recruitment easy. Through this you can evaluate suitable candidates and filter out the unsuitable applications.

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