What are the essential features of cloud based Payroll Software in Pakistan?

PeopleQlik #1 Payroll Software in Pakistan A quick search of the internet for automatic payroll software will provide more than a dozen results. Each of them will offer a wide range of features and options. The advantages of using an automated payroll system are numerous. While some people excel in price, others excel at other aspects. Some of them may be relevant to your organization, while others may not be. How can one assist a buyer in making a decision? The best and simplest method is to assist the buyer in determining which features are critical in a cloud-based payroll system in Pakistan and which one best meets the organization’s needs.

PeopleQlik #1 Payroll Software in Pakistan

What are the essential features of cloud based Payroll Software in Pakistan?

What are the essential features of cloud based Payroll Software in Pakistan?

Inputs that are automatically generated

Ability to take salary input data from other HR systems such as recruiting, salary modifications, and onboarding portals via automatic file transfer protocols (SFTP). Cross-verification reports should be included in automated Payroll Software in Pakistan processing to confirm that the data received matches the data in source files or systems, ensuring that no data is lost.

Reports on validation

Validation of inputs such as joining bonuses, relocation allowances, and other allowances are in conformity with HR standards if they are properly approved, and eligibility is automatically reviewed. An online checklist to guarantee that all data inputs have been received.

Automated payroll

After the inputs have been confirmed, the system performs pay computations, generating gross and net pay. The next step is to establish a bank file with a list of employees and their net pay amounts. The system should be able to create an automated file transfer protocol that can sync with the bank’s systems and automatically transfer data from there.

Automatic Paystubs 

Post the salary credit to the employees’ bank accounts; the next step is for them to receive their payslips in their email accounts instantly and securely. This is an important aspect of communication to ensure that employees understand what they are paid and how much they are paid.

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Automated statutory filing and remittance

Following employee payments, the next step is to guarantee that statutory remittances and returns are filed on time and in accordance with government department deadlines and formats. The program should automatically connect to the systems of statutory organizations to ensure that data, funds, and refunds are transferred without error.

Accounting software that is automated

While conventional software generates accounting entries to record Payroll Software in Pakistan in the books of accounts, an automated solution should be able to automatically publish the entries in the company’s accounting systems. The data that has been posted must match the data from the previous month’s pay register.

Reports from the Management Information System

The next stage is to prepare Management reports when all of the disbursements to employees and statutory bodies have been completed. Each month, the system should be able to generate MIS packs including a set of standard reports and analyses, which can then be shared with authorized people by either providing online access to the data or mailing it to their individual email addresses. 

Manager Self Service (MSS) / Employee Self Service (ESS) (MSS)

The ESS or MSS gateways are two of the most popular portals in any software. Within the payroll solution in Pakistan, it is a personalized gateway for each employee. They will have access to their profile, personal information, pay stubs, tax filings, and any other information they have. To view their leave balances, the portals can be linked to their leave and attendance systems. Employees can also submit income tax declarations, tax proofs, expenditure / medical claims, and other documents using the platform. It can be viewed by the Manager for approval, after which it is forwarded to payroll for further processing.

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