Corporate Wellness Platform in Lahore Karachi Islamabad in Pakistan

Platform for Corporate Wellness Innovators

Civilizing your corporate wellness programs and building your company starts with holistic approach to employee wellbeing by having the best technology and tools by creating an organizational culture of health. PeopleQlik offering complete corporate wellness solutions that are expanded beyond traditional wellness program, to cultivate healthy habits among employee populations and to improve health outcomes with flexibility to try new ideas, all while inclining productivity, optimizing HR investments and increasing employee engagement.

Pouring big benefits for your business with PeopleQlik’s corporate wellness platform provide a powerful asset in employee wellbeing with increased revenue.

All-in-one Corporate Wellness Platform

PeopleQlik’s corporate wellness platform bring all your wellness program into one place like health assessments, education with biometric management, challenges, self, coach facilitation, help programs, surveys along with conversations.

Organizations trust PeopleQlik because we are providing the technology only and leave the health and wellness strategy to you — making sure that your thoughts and innovations are secure, safe and healthy.

Recognize Pain Point

Our first priority is to pinpoint the pain points that are driving poor health and cost. To improve your bottom lines and most to improve your population’s heath you need proper guidance and services. PeopleQlik help you to identify those changes to your incentive design that are helpful in this matter. No one knows your population better than you so PeopleQlik to engage your employee with your customized strategy.

Using the PeopleQlik wellness corporate platform, we build a customized experience according to your benefit design. With PeopleQlik you can integrate solutions you already have, and it also let you choose from over 50 solutions that sync flawlessly with the PeopleQlik wellness corporate platform. Enable you to get product that is brilliantly designed from the ground up, specially to engage your employees.

Go Fast

Need to adapt fast? Based on your pain points, preferences and objectives, a personalized employee’s incentives are needed to maximize usage of ROI generating Solutions. PeopleQlik provides transformation of your portal to match your brand and it creates dedicated sub-sites for employees with quick clicks without programming requirements. Easy customization tools help you to tailor the look-and-feel in minutes.

Go Wide

You need new program options? With PeopleQlik get access to over 140 unique wellness innovations that are seamlessly integrated to devices, mobile apps services and content. Employees can easily navigate across all their health advantages, earning rewards for the behaviors that save you money. They get log in from their cell phones or from their desk using web version.

Feature Highlights

TAILORED BY YOU – Configuration and customization of the platform of each company, their recourses and activities — without programming

BEST PRACTICES – Configuration from the ground up or work with PeopleQlik’s wellness experts, with the use of the best practices to get up and fast running.

DRIVEN BY DATA – offering custom reports, statistics of sites and visual dashboards to check customer success and compel change.

ENGAGING USER EXPERIENCE – It Motivate employees on their wellness expedition with instruction, incentives, mobile optimization, social networking and rewards.

CRAFT & COMMUNICATE – Communicate with users, encourage them through conversation and motivation, carry out employee surveys and communicate success.

SECURE & PROTECT – Highly privacy and security practices that make happy even the toughest standards — set by government, banks and leading global companies.

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